Thursday, 14 June 2012

Boat? What boat?

Not a lot to report recently, except the cleaning out and painting of the small boiler room, which had 40 years worth of accumulated coal tar stuck to every surface that needed slowly grinding off... thanks again Ben. I had to buy a ducted ventilator fan to make it just about possible to work in there without the Guardian running an expose of appalling working conditions in Barking. It's been raining almost solidly for about 3 months now, and the leaking engine room cover doesn't make things any more pleasant. There are few more depressing sights than a boat with rain on the inside. Had there been glorious sunshine, more progress would doubtlessly have been made, albeit interspersed with lounging about on deck. As if.

But, to brighten the mood, and after a 6 month wait, my new yellow engine finally arrived yesterday! I was beginning to wonder whether it was just a figment of my imagination, but it's now in my workshop and Darren my workmate is already complaining about another large (boat-related) item getting in the way, so it must really exist (picture below as evidence.)

I have to admit that my initial surge of enthusiasm has abated somewhat over the last month or so- some days I swear I've even kind of forgotten all about her. Maybe this blog will reveal a boom-bust pattern in my passions which explains the lack of progress I seem to make, but I've decided to make sure at least something gets done every month so I don't lose interest completely. I've also been having the middle-of-the-night "is this a really stupid way to chuck away lots of money I can't really afford for the foreseeable future?" sweats, particularly after getting some quotes for blasting the hull. But I'm already in for the engine, so I guess I'm committed to throwing good money after good/bad. I think I'll avoid use of the word "committed" in future.

I've just heard today that we're all set to go with the crane for next week, so out with the Rolls and Lister, in with the Cat and Volvo genny... I'll try to remember to take some photos of this mini milestone.

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